NMTC Placement

A good idea can change an entire community. However, we know that important community projects often lack funding to reach fruition. tag works to enrich communities by helping developers, businesses, and NMTC Allocatees bridge financial gaps through NMTC financing. Services include:

  • Project Feasibility – Review project sources and uses to identify potential hurdles and accurately represent NMTC transactions.
  • Project Placement – We market the project “upstream” to the NMTC Lenders by preparing a comprehensive financial request, identifying and securing NMTC Allocation and federal and/or state investors, working through Term Sheet and/or Commitment Letters, identifying any bridge loan and/or one-day loan providers, and providing any other structuring advice.
  • Project Closing – Once a project reaches the closing process, tag will take a leadership role and coordinate the closing on behalf of the project.

To date, tag has successfully closed over $239.2 million of NMTC transactions. tag has experience with a broad range of projects including community facilities, commercial goods and services facilities, industrial facilities, and mixed-use facilities.